dougspeak3Warren Community Elementary School, Warren, MA

I am writing this letter in regards to an assembly that was held at Warren Community Elementary School by Mr. Doug Danger.  Mr. Danger holds a world record for a motorcycle jump but his message is much more important than that!  Mr. Danger spoke with students from grades 4 – 6 regarding how choices students make now can have a significant impact on their lives’ as they move forward.  These choices include having goals, choosing good friends and the effects that poor choices can have on reaching their fullest potential.  Mr. Danger provided journals for students to take notes and later reflect upon in order for them to keep their eye on their goals.  Doug creatively incorporated the influence drugs can have on reaching goals in an extremely age appropriate manner.  Students were engaged by his presentation and each child left with a sense that they could accomplish anything as long as they kept their goals in mind.

Steve Duff, Principal, Warren Community Elementary School 

“My name is Jakob. Doug Danger came to my school to give a speech. He told us about how he crashed a lot and broke some of his bones but kept on going because he loved doing what he was doing.Because he never gave up he was able to accomplish so many things. He told us to never give up that we could accomplish our dreams. I think the most important thing I learned from Doug is to never give up. I learned that no matter what happens to keep trying. I use what I learned from Doug everyday when I go play soccer. When I’m having a hard time with something I can’t do like offense I just remember what Doug told me and I keep going, giving up is no longer a thought for me. I think everyone should listen to Dougs story and take his advice. No matter what it is in life your doing you always need to stay possitive and keep going even when you feel like you can’t or don’t want to. I just want to say Thank you Doug for your words of encouragement and taking the time to talk with us.”

Jakob, 5th Grader

“I liked the bird story [Doug told to explain that life is not always like a Hollywood movie]. And I don’t want to be a loser, [Doug talked about not doing drugs], I making a choice, I won’t do drugs. Doug was funny and I liked what he had to say.”

Owen, 4th Grader

Show in Pittsburg, PA

I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing show last night! We brought our kids (got pics and autographs from you as well!) last minute so we really didn’t know the extent of the show. Anyway, it was so refreshing to hear you send the message to kids about making good decisions and staying away from drugs.

Our kids are inundated with sexual innuendos and drinking and drugs are essentially encouraged in the media. My husband and I chatted on the way home about how great it was that you stressed the “stay clean” message, as well as demonstrated humility when talking about your records and sharing the recognition. “me, me me!” is the message our kiddos seem to get everyday. It is great to know that you are taking time to try to make a positive difference. Thanks!

Aimee Naylor


Palmer High School
Palmer High School
To Doug Danger:

On behalf of the Palmer High School community, I would like to thank you for your presentation to our students. Your honesty in sharing your life’s triumphs and tragedies highlights to our students the message that perseverance and preparation are necessary to be successful in their chosen paths. Your inspirational presentation, identifying the many setbacks you had on your pursuit of not just world records, but in reaching your own potential captured our student’s attention.

Palmer has enjoyed watching you on your journey and we wish you luck as you Jumbo Jet Jump enter the next phase of your life, still dedicated to being the best that you can be. We hope that in whatever endeavors our students choose, that the same qualities which you showcase; perseverance, character, a stubborn determination, and belief in one’s abilities, will travel with them on their own journeys.

Once again thank you for spending time with our students, and in sending them off with a positive message as our school year wrapped up.

Best of Luck,

Joseph Bianca
Assistant Principal – Palmer High School, Palmer MA